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As advancing technology is becoming more and more a part of our daily lives, it is very important to keep up with the times. CTI's Switchboard Pro can help your business in taking a big step into the fast paced world of technology. Fading fast are the days of just answering the phone. Calls need to be processed correctly and in a quick, efficient manner. Attendant Console will assist your switchboard attendant in eliminating lost calls, extended call-holding time and help process calls quickly and easily. Combining the functionality of a standard PC running Microsoft Windows operating system, with the technology of Mitel's AXXESS and 5000 Series phone system, call handling has never been easier with CTI Software's Switchboard Pro.

Call Handling - Displays any incoming/outgoing calls along with any calls in *queue. (*Call waiting to be answered)

Tag Cnf - Used to tag or untag calls to eventually be conferenced together. Page - used to announce a message over the intercom. Notes - used to make notes for the main company.

Buttons - Call handling keys/transaction buttons

Phone Status - Shows list of employees and their extensions and their status (red phone = phone is in DND Mode (do no disturb), phone in hand = caller is on phone, black phone = idle phone)

Company Info - When a call comes, this area displays the information about the company for which the call is coming in. Also displayed are a department list and an employee directory.

Speed - Press this button to bring up the Speed Dial Phonebook Window.

Dial - Press this to bring up dial pad.

View - When using the directory this button will display a profile in "View" mode. Replace - When using the directory, this button will replace the current profile in the call information window with the current name in the directory.

Alpha/Numeric View - These two buttons allow the attendant to view extensions by either extension number or employee name.

Scroll Buttons - Allows the attendant to scroll through all extensions.


Smart Call Handling - An incoming call can be handled quickly because at a glance, the attendant can see whom the call is for and how the call should be handled. Customized setup of the employees' profile allows for single button call handling.

Active Busy Lamp Field - The attendant can see the phone status of all employees by looking at the computer screen.

Customized Call Handling - Each employee can have their calls handled differently based on how they set up their call handling profile.

Integrated E-Mail - Allows the attendant to send e-mail messages to employees.

Call Forward Capability - CTI Switchboard Pro can be programmed with an unlimited amount of employees' call forwarding numbers (i.e. cell phone, home phone, etc.)

Text Messaging - If an employee wishes to have text messages taken instead of going to voice mail, all the attendant needs to do is click the message pad in the employees' profile and type the message.

Quick and Easy to Install - The Global Employee Setup feature downloads the PBX database directly into CTI Switchboard Pro eliminating the need to set up each profile one at a time.

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